Tuesday, 2 August 2011


One of my motives of setting up this blog is to show that being a vegetarian is easy and convenient in Singapore. I can reassure you that vegetarian food can be found almost anywhere in Singapore. The convenience allows you to hang out with your meat-eater bunch of friends with ease and without restrictions.  One of the many dining places would be Bakerzin, which serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Lets enter! 

Mushroom soup(V) $5.90
By far, this has been the most delicious mushroom soup i have tried in a restaurant. It is not overly creamy and has the right taste and texture. 8/10

Arrabiata penne $9.90 (spicy)

The penne is chewy and not too soft. It is cooked almost to perfection.  However, this dish may be a little boring for an adventurous eater. In my opinion, this dish is also not spicy enough. On a side note, just sharing something i just learnt recently. The word arrabiata means angry in italian! 6/10

Mushroom bruschetta $8.50

When I first saw this dish, i was really eager to try it because it looked really yummy and I love mushrooms. However, to my great disappoinment,  the bruschetta was over-roasted. I couldnt  slice it through with a knife at all! I resorted to chewing at the sides with great difficulty. Whats more, the mushrooms were too soft and not springy like it was supposed to be. 3/10
Margarita pizza $12.90

Although I enjoyed the cheese, this magarita pizza topped with tomatoes and spinach leaves is just too bland and dry for my liking.  5/10

My conclusion is that I wont be a frequent diner in this restaurant. Although the ambience is rather good with a scenic view of the fountain located just beside this restaurant, the food served was not up to my expectations.

Vivocity #01-207
1 Harbourfront Walk Singapore
Ph: 6438 8700 

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