Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Miao Yi

This particular Chinese restaurant has been around for more than two decades and has gained recognition even among the non-vegetarians. I am a frequent diner of this vegetarian restaurant and this restaurant never fails to delight me with its tasty dishes and excellent service. I have brought my meat-eater friends to this place  and they were so impressed that one commented that she would never look at vegetarian cuisine the same way again. Please pardon the quality of the photos as my camera seemed to be throwing a tantrum that day! 

The soothing music and dim lighting make the dining experience so relaxing that I really could fall asleep while eating!

Boiled Vegetable Dumplings $8
This dumpling has soft translucent skin, with assorted vegetables and mushrooms wrapped within.
The dumplings should be dipped in the specially tailored vinegar with ginger slices. Yet another highly recommended dish in Miao Yi! This is what I usually orders when im at the restaurant!  8/10

Mock Suckling Pig $35 (small)
  It is a must-try because this restaurant is well-known for this dish. Unfortunately, the price of this dish is steep!
So, is this dish worth its hefty price tag? lets find out!

This dish comes with sticks of cucumber, lettuce and sweet bean sauce

To eat this, you should wrap the mock meat in the lettuce along with the cucumber. Apply the sweet bean sauce to achieve the perfect taste.  When I had my first bite of the wrap, the sweet sauce oozed out and I could taste the delicious crispy skin of the mock meat.  Delicious indeed!
I must say that this dish is indeed pricey, but I really didnt regret ordering it! 
So my conclusion is, this dish is indeed worth its value, but I would not order this all the time to avoid burning a hole in my pocket! 9/10

Yam baskets enveloping a concoction of mushrooms and vegetables.
This dish is suitable for special occasions such as a birthday celebration because of its appealing presentation. 7/10

Nutritious Chinese Herbal soup $10(s)
This soup is refreshing and delicious. Also, this soup is excellent as a light finish to a heavy meal.
Highly recommended! 8/10

WARNING: Be sure to call and make reservations for the weekend and special occasions such as the 1st and 15th day of the chinese calender, and the Chinese new year etc.

Coronation Shopping Plaza
587 Bukit Timah Road #03-01/02
Singapore 269707
Tel: +65 6467 1331


  1. Brilliant work! I should have tried the mock suckling pig when I was reviewing this place! :(

    Looking forward to your next review!


  2. Thanks Luke!
    Yes, you should try it someday! its delicious :)
    haha, stay tuned! :)


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