Thursday, 18 August 2011

Asian Buffet at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

This particular restaurant offers a range of buffet choices- international buffet, steamboat buffet, as well as Asian buffet. I have long heard about this restaurant located within Quality hotel at Balestier road, and finally went ahead to check out the Asian buffet at this restaurant recently. 
The Asian buffet has  over 100 types of scrumptious vegetarian dishes from China to East Asian cuisines, as well as some western fare too. The tremendous variety of dishes have made it impossible to review each one of them, and hence, I am only reviewing approximately 1/4 of  it.

Asian Buffet Price (per person/buffet)Adult: S$18.80++
Child: S$9.90++ (base on height below 1.2m)
Lotus VIP Card:entitiled 10% discount (except Public Holiday & eve of Public Holiday & special occasions.

(every Friday - Sunday + Public Holiday)
You have a wide selection of over 100 different dishes to enjoy. 

The ambience of this restaurant was pleasant and relaxed.
Also, the staff was attentive and alert to replace our used plates.
The food refills were also quite frequent and fairly quick.  
There are a tremendous variety of food choices that are beautifully presented with intricate designs. The efforts put into presenting the food are highly laudable!

Assorted Sushi

Wasabi and miso dip sauce was provided!
oishii ne~!
Having been a meat-eater in the past, I had tasted the real sashimi and I was not a  huge fan of it.
 I was  rather suprised when I first tasted this,because,to my horror,this mock sashimi is alarmingly similar to the authentic one.

Creme beancurd stick

Spicy Pumpkin
Honey-coated Gingko

Nori vegetable roll with Mayo.

Marinated bean sprouts

Soya cake

Salad !

From the clockwise direction: Dim sum(pandan vegetarian chicken bun, vegetarian shark fin dumpling(in green), pumpkin dumpling, seaweed roll, vegetable dumpling), Samosa, Nori vegetable roll with mayo
This was what I had on my first round of this buffet. 
Since I had my diet transformation, I've rarely got the chance to eat Dim sum. And  I cant tell you how glad I was when I knew it was included in this buffet! 
The vegetarian shark fin dumpling(in green) was my favourite of them all. At first, I was intrigued by its exotic appearance, then I realised that it tasted as good as its appearance!
  The silky texture of the skin of the Dumpling with mock shark-fin and vegetables wrapped within is simply scrumptious. You can feel it slowly melt in your mouth with a burst of  flavour. It was heavenly. I didnt hesitate to get a second one, and had to force myself to stop taking more to save space for other dishes.
The only one one I did not really enjoy eating was the pumpkin dumpling. It had a type of sweetness to it which I did not really favour and I find it too gooey for my liking.

Overall, I think this buffet is highly recommendable as I think it is indeed value for money. Not only does this buffet provide a tremendous variety of Asian food, the food served were of good standard and tasted delicious.  As I have mentioned, I have only included approximately 1/4 of the food available in the Asian Buffet in this restaurant. The other dishes I have tried include vegetarian curry, chicken rice, mee-siam, eggless cake, and the list goes on. Do make a visit, you'd be spoilt for choice!

201 Balestier Road
Singapore 329926  
 Tel: 6254 0090/1 
Opening Hours
Daily: 11:30 - 15:00
Daily: 18:00 - 22:00
Nearest MRT
Boon Keng


  1. everything look really delicious,the sushi looks so real. lets ask the rest to try the ala carte next time!


  2. Yes, the quality of the food served in this restaurant is good.
    I haven't tried the ala carte though. Great idea! :)


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