Monday, 15 August 2011

Swensen's !

Many tend to assume that a vegetarian diet must be healthy food. However, being a vegetarian doesn't mean having healthy food all the time. I am one apt example who love all kinds of sinful, yet delicious food. However, I do try my best to stay away, and eat these food in moderation.  
During the weekend, I satisfied my cravings for my all-time favourite food vices- ice cream and fries at Swensen's.

U.S Fries and Dips $5.50
 Fries served with BBQ and tar tar sauce.
One thing I really liked about Swensens fries is that they are not as salty as the ones served in fast food restaurants, and is crispy and firm, not soggy and limp. I prefer having my fries dipped in the Tar Tar sauce rather than the BBQ sauce, it tasted heavenly! It was so delicious that we requested for a refill of the tar tar sauce as we wiped the last bit of the sauce with our fries.

Merri-Mint $6.90
As I have a sweet tooth,I have a terrible weakness for ice-cream. This Mint ice cream covered with hot fudge is one of my all-time favourite  at Swensens!  The cooling and refreshing taste of the mint ice-cream is just so irresistible and delicious.  Also, being a fan of chocolate, I really enjoyed the hot chocolate fudge as well. I literally scraped the last bit of the ice-cream as I just couldnt get enough of it. What I think could be improved on is that there should be less cream and more mint ice cream. Also, the cherry tasted artificial.

 Enjoying my ice-cream!

As much as I love the fries and the wide array of ice-cream flavours in Swensens, I wish this restaurant could be more vegetarian friendly. This restaurant holds pleasant memories for me as I frequent there when I was a lot younger. It would be wonderful if there could be vegetarian options within its main courses, as according to the waitor,  none of  it is fully vegetarian as chicken stock is used to prepare the dishes. I wanted to write about this in its feedback form at the counter, but my pen ran out of ink.  I would definitely do so on my next visit there!

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