Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lerk Thai!

I had dinner with my great buddy, Novell. It has been awhile since we had a chance to catch up and talk about anything we can think about. She is a meat-eater and to accomodate each other, we settled for a place that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food- Lerk Thai!! Lerk Thai Restaurant offers a diverse variety of authentic Thai cuisine, fusion dishes and street food from different parts of Thailand, and most importantly, this restaurant offers vegetarian options as well.

Great ambience and the staff were polite and helpful even though we were really fickle-minded about where to seat. We moved from seats to seats and finally settled in a corner outside the restaurant. 

 she couldnt decide what to eat. :P

Vegetarian Phad Thai $9.90

One word for this dish- delicious!
I was surprised by my own reaction when i got a taste of this yummy dish. I literally squealed with delight! This traditional Thai rice noodles were soft but still deliciously chewy and a little bit sticky. This dish would be perfect for spicy food lovers like me, as the grounded Thai chilli and spices were really no joke. Remember to prepare plenty of water before slurping down the noodles after mixing the grounded Thai chilli and spices! 8/10

Seven years of friendship and still making memories! <3
Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station
Maxwell Road, 069119
6327 7717
Open Weekdays 11am-9pm


  1. OIE girl.
    We have to go visit more veg places after your work.
    Awesome blog btw!


  2. Ian!
    How did you get to know about my blog!?
    thanks, yup we have to! :)

  3. I have my ways ofcourse!
    reply my text!



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