Wednesday, 27 July 2011


it was a quick fix.
cherry tomatoes, lettuce,raisins, macademia nuts YUMMERZ
I prefer not to have salad dressing :) 

my beautiful darling, tigger

And with me!
Hehe. Went for a jog at Henderson wave with colleagues.
They are a great bunch of people i really love to hang out with. Anyway, let me introduce my lovely pet. She's 5 yr old already! I adopted her when she was still scrawny and timid, but still adorable! :) now she's like..garfield. haha.

Love her loads!
Oh, and guess what. Even though she's not entirely vegetarian( cus there's no veg cat food in any pet stores), her favourite food is bean sprouts! Can you believe that! She'd rather have bean sprouts than her non-veg dry food!


I must say Pastamania  has been under-rated by so many. They serve quality food at a fair price. I went to the branch at Harbourfront centre #02-05/06/07 with my god sister and sis. And we were pleasantly surprised by the newly added vegetarian options.

Al Funghi $7.50
Sliced shiitake mushroom in delicious cream sauce.
I love Shiitake mushroom and hence, this dish caught my eye first. When I first started eating, it was yummy and i thought  to myself i would definitely try this again. However, when i finished around 3/4 of the serving, i was starting to get a little sick of its taste.  6/10

Creamy shiitake mushrooms, cheddar cheese, tomato mayo, onion, tomato, waffle potato and lettuce with toasted Foccacia bread. This has to be one of  the most delicious vegetarian burger i have tried since Vegan Bug!

Arrabiata $5.20
Fresh chilli padi in tomato herb sauce
The penne was chewy and not too soft. I love the tomato herb sauce as the taste is just right. However. it could be better if there were other sides, such as broccoli or fresh basil leaves. 7/10

Ah, and the most awaited movie, HARRY POTTER. Went to catch this movie after the meal.
My adorable sisters <3

Monday, 25 July 2011

TCC The connoisseur concerto

I went TCC at Anchor point as well as the one at somerset thrice last week. Call me a cheapskate but I was there to take full advantage of it's GSS one for one promotion. BUT that wasnt the sole reason. I was attracted by it's good ambience, good staff, and most importantly, this restaurant is increasingly vegetarian friendly! And I am quite sure I'll be a regular patron now that I've got a membership card too. Whoopee!

TCC at Anchor Point shopping mall. Great ambience! 
Berry O' cookie $7.5
Perfect for warm weather. Great blend of berries and Oreo cookies! I would definitely try this again! . 7/10

Hazel Bella $6.9
Hot cafe latte, refreshingly good. But a tad too sweet for my liking. 6/10

Cheesy shrooms Gratin  $14
Baked cheesy penne gratin,  with mushrooms covered with mozzarella cheese .
Not up to my expectations. There could have been more variety of ingredients, besides just mushroom and cheese, with a few peas.And the portion is a lil too small for me. But the heavy cheesy taste is a huge plus! 6/10

 Hearty Vegetable Tian $17.80
A healthy yet superbly delicious french style vegetarian delight, using oyster mushrooms, asparagus, carrot and pumpkin. One of my favourite dishes in TCC so far. 9/10

O'bello Cheesy Eggplant $16.90
Superbly tasty. The marinated shiitake mushrooms were simply heavenly. I especially liked the cheesy bits of the eggplant. The roasted potato is a perfect side dish. Highly recommended. 8/10

Overall rating for this dining place is 8/10 inclusive of its ambience and staff service!
Anchor Point shopping centre #01-07
call for reservation at 64756233

intro intro!

Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism, yet we make the same impression on Buddhists and vegetarians, for we feed on babies, though not our own. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

How many years have I been a vegetarian? It has been 4 years.I have never looked back since. The benefits are undeniable, be it for the environment, personal health , or ethical benefits.

I love animals, and strongly believe we should give them the respect they deserve. I really do not  believe in eating anything with five senses. To me consuming anything with eyes, limbs, ears and noses is just one step ahead from being a cannibal. Why must one sacrifice the lives of these poor animals to satisfy his hunger. This is simply selfish.

As a Buddhist, I strongly believe in Karma. It is a sin to kill and murder these poor animals.There's no such thing called humane killing. It is just senseless, a delusion.

Vegetarianism is gaining popularity around the world, and the food industry is recognising this as well. So inconvenience is not an excuse to not becoming a vegetarian. In this blog, I will prove this to you!

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