Wednesday, 27 July 2011


it was a quick fix.
cherry tomatoes, lettuce,raisins, macademia nuts YUMMERZ
I prefer not to have salad dressing :) 

my beautiful darling, tigger

And with me!
Hehe. Went for a jog at Henderson wave with colleagues.
They are a great bunch of people i really love to hang out with. Anyway, let me introduce my lovely pet. She's 5 yr old already! I adopted her when she was still scrawny and timid, but still adorable! :) now she's like..garfield. haha.

Love her loads!
Oh, and guess what. Even though she's not entirely vegetarian( cus there's no veg cat food in any pet stores), her favourite food is bean sprouts! Can you believe that! She'd rather have bean sprouts than her non-veg dry food!

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