Monday, 25 July 2011

TCC The connoisseur concerto

I went TCC at Anchor point as well as the one at somerset thrice last week. Call me a cheapskate but I was there to take full advantage of it's GSS one for one promotion. BUT that wasnt the sole reason. I was attracted by it's good ambience, good staff, and most importantly, this restaurant is increasingly vegetarian friendly! And I am quite sure I'll be a regular patron now that I've got a membership card too. Whoopee!

TCC at Anchor Point shopping mall. Great ambience! 
Berry O' cookie $7.5
Perfect for warm weather. Great blend of berries and Oreo cookies! I would definitely try this again! . 7/10

Hazel Bella $6.9
Hot cafe latte, refreshingly good. But a tad too sweet for my liking. 6/10

Cheesy shrooms Gratin  $14
Baked cheesy penne gratin,  with mushrooms covered with mozzarella cheese .
Not up to my expectations. There could have been more variety of ingredients, besides just mushroom and cheese, with a few peas.And the portion is a lil too small for me. But the heavy cheesy taste is a huge plus! 6/10

 Hearty Vegetable Tian $17.80
A healthy yet superbly delicious french style vegetarian delight, using oyster mushrooms, asparagus, carrot and pumpkin. One of my favourite dishes in TCC so far. 9/10

O'bello Cheesy Eggplant $16.90
Superbly tasty. The marinated shiitake mushrooms were simply heavenly. I especially liked the cheesy bits of the eggplant. The roasted potato is a perfect side dish. Highly recommended. 8/10

Overall rating for this dining place is 8/10 inclusive of its ambience and staff service!
Anchor Point shopping centre #01-07
call for reservation at 64756233

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