Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Perfect Pancakes

Hey there!

Today my post will be on yummy pancakes for the perfect breakfast/brunch.

Ingredients(6 pancakes)

1 cup of Aunt Jemima mix
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1 Tb spoon vegetable oil
optional(topping): blueberries/strawberries/nuts
Maple syrup

1) Crack egg into a bowl and beat until fluffy, then add milk and oil

2)On a separate bowl, add Aunt Jemima mix and a pinch of salt.

3)Add the dry ingredients into the wet. Stir gently, leaving some small clumps of dry ingredients in the batter. Do not blend until completely smooth. If your batter is smooth, your pancakes will be tough and flat as opposed to fluffy.

4)Heat the non-stick pan to a medium low flame. I flicked a little water onto the pan to make sure it sizzle-this means the pan is ready for the batter.

5) Butter the pan and pour the batter. The amount of batter determines the size of your pancakes.
My first pancake was really cute and small round one.

6)Cook for about two minutes until you could see bubbles form and then pop around the edges. Then gently flip the cake.

7)Cook the other side until golden and remove.

And...BOOMZ! My first, yummy yummy pancake.

8)Repeat the steps. Add your favorite toppings- Nuts(eg. Almonds, brazil nuts) or berries(strawberries, raspberries).

And...have fun decorating however you like.

or pair your pancakes with delicious scramble eggs for your breakfast.

Perfect it with the Citadelle 100% pure maple syrup.

Have fun and good luck guys.

Love you.

The Letter J.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Reviving this place

Wow. I should be ashamed of myself for the incredibly long hiatus.

I was laughing to myself as my profile status in this blog is still a student. 

*Buries my head in shame*

Time really flies. I have been working for almost a year already.

 Looking at my past posts, I was still so young, naive, and innocent(maybe).

 Oh, how i miss those carefree times as a student.

I am thinking of reviving this dead blog, hope I persist!

What happened since my last post:

1) I graduated.
Yes, i slogged hard, studying through wee hours. But i guess my efforts paid off as I received my desired results.I am thankful to so many people, especially my parents and friends.

3) And of course, i found a job.
All thanks to my job that requires shift work, my social life is close to dead.
Thank god I still have my bunch of sisters sticking with me.

4) I am still a vegetarian.
I do admit, I swayed. *gasp* But yes..I did thought about eating meat all over again.
not switching completely to a meat eater, but more of a pescetarian.
The reason?
One fine day, the idea just came to me, and I toyed with the thought for awhile.
But again, when I thought about having a cute piglet/fish/anything with eyes being chewed in my mouth, i quickly brushed off the idea.

Besides all these, I am pretty much the same old me. :)

Stay tuned for more posts peeps!


The Letter J