Saturday, 13 August 2011

yummy drinks for the week!

1) Mon: Hot Chocolate with whip cream $6.40
I dont usually patronise Starbucks as i seldom drink coffee unless i absolutely have to and because I feel that the drinks are a little more than over-charged.
 BUT. A friend gave me a Star Bucks discount coupon awhile ago. Plus, I had the entire afternoon to myself and the idea of reading at a cozy place with a cup of hot drink was tempting.
This hot cocoa beverage from Star Bucks was so tasty that just makes one cant get enough of it. This hot chocolate comes with steamed milk with vanilla topped with sweetened whipped cream. It has just the right amount of cocoa  and not too sweet for my liking. This comforting cup of beverage stood by me as I stayed for hours reading my book in a quiet corner in the outlet at Harbourfront centre #01-76/77 .

2)Tues: Artichoke Tea 
This drink is perfect after a heavy meal, which I had at Lotus Vegetarian restaurant(I will blog about this soon, promise!) 
The aroma of this artichoke tea is rather interesting with a slight floral tone to the scent. Also, it has a unique type of sweetness to its taste. I really enjoyed drinking this! 

3)Wed:Mango Aloe vera drink $2.80
This delicious drink is one of the lastest additions to Toast Box menu. I went to the outlet at Vivo City S(098585) LB2-34. 
  This drink is indeed refreshing and perfect for a warm and humid weather! However, the health conscious may find this a little too sweet. 
But I really enjoyed this as I have a sweet tooth.

4) Thurs:Beetroot with carrot and apple $2.00
Location:  Bukit Merah hawker centre #02-45 King Avocado
I ordered this drink, which is also known as the ABC juice, while having tea break at work.  I was really glad I ordered this as I was really sleepy and kept nodding off. This drink really helped to perk me up! 
This drink is one of my favourite brain-boosting juices. It also boasts exceptional health benefits and tastes delicious!

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