Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tofu egg scramble & potato salad

Recently, I have been really thrifty- I try not to eat out often and bring home-packed lunch boxes to work every single day. This is due to the fact that I am saving up to fulfill my mission to try out all sorts of vegetarian delicacies around Singapore.( Sadly, I no longer receive allowance from my parents)
Yes, vegetarian food is getting pricy. I overheard someone exclaiming "Why would I want to pay for a bunch of vegetables" outside a vegetarian restaurant lately. Hm, I guess he would rather pay to have animals killed.

Anyway, let me share with you what I've made lately that I think is post-worthy.

Tofu & egg scramble

I placed silken chinese tofu on a cloth to absorb the water

Getting the ingredients ready!
(I ended up using 4 eggs)


Ingredients:(2 servings)
- 4 eggs
-extra virgin olive oil
-A packet of crumbled chinese tofu
-3 tomatoes
-3 sticks of celery
-1/2 carrot(diced)
-grounded pepper

-whisk the eggs in a bowl, add in salt and pepper
-add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into non-stick pan over medium heat
-add tofu into the non-stick pan(crumbling it as you do so), stir-fry until all water absorbed.
-add eggs and stir-fry for 20-30 sec, then carrots and celery
-stir-fry for another 30sec, then serve immediately.

what can I say other then yum yum yum!

I completed the Tofu egg scramble with canned campbell wild mushroom soup!
(It would have been perfect if I made fresh mushroom soup instead, but..I was too lazy!)

Potato salad! 

I love making potato salad. It is hassle-free, healthy, and a perfect side-dish or quick fix for tea-break. I used to take forever to make them, but I found out a short cut! That is to make full use of the rice cooker AND cook the CUBED potatoes as the whole peeled potatoes will take forever to be cooked.

There it is! Cubed potatoes topped with sliced cheddar cheese.
Place this into the rice cooker!

After you are done with the potatoes, you can choose whether or not to  cook your  celery and carrots or have them raw!
Potato salad with celery and carrots, with roasted almonds and raisins as its topping!
 The salad dressing is optional.
For this dish, I mixed in half-spoonful of thousand island sauce and mayonese as well as pepper to taste. After mixing, add in roasted almonds and raisins.
Perfect! :)

I had the salad with a yummy bowl of red bean soup!

Ahh, a filling meal without having to feel all bloated up. :)

I'll end this post with my lovely cat who refused to face the camera.
Tigger heard someone at the door! :)

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