Sunday, 11 September 2011

spinach and green pea pasta

Somebody please tell me why do I always come up with the idea to whip up something nice for my family whenever the fridge is close to empty. 
Argh, so frustrating! 
 As today marks the end of the week, the fridge has almost nothing left already.(my family buys groceries once a week, every Tues ><) So I was left with not much choices, but to rake my brains over what to cook. After digging through the fridge( actually just visually sweeping through), I didn't take too long to come up with a conclusion- spinach and green pea pasta! 

Ta da~!
 I have to introduce this mock meat. It is made from soya bean product and mushroom. I don't normally favour mock meat, as they usually taste wierd and preserved food are never healthy. But this one Ive tried is amazingly tasty and addictive! Also, it never fails to spruce up any kind of dishes, fried or boiled. You can purchase this from any Giant supermarket! 

This is how the mock meat look like straight from the freezer!
For this dish, I minced 5 of them and left 8 meat balls as it is.
The ingredients!!

All ready, and served hot!
I left sauce at the bottom which is impossible to be captured by my camera!

-approx 6 cups of fresh spinach (trimmed)
- 1 cup of frozen peas
- approx 5 cups of penne
-2 tb spoon of olive oil
-3 ribs of celery
-1 cup of diced roasted almonds(peeled)
-1 cup crumbled cheese
-1/2 cup minced mock meat and 1 cup mock meat
- Vegetarian Chilli paste

-Cook penne to al dente and keep warm.
-Add 2 tb spoon of olive oil to sauce pan, followed by the minced mock meat and peas-stir fry. 
-Add 2 cups of boiled water, followed by the meat balls and spinach
-Then toss in pepper and salt to taste, followed by a tb spoon of vegetarian chilli paste. 
- Turn the heat down and add in celery and crumbled cheese- cook for a minute or so
-Mix and allow all the flavours to combine
-Add penne in and mix well, sprinkle in the diced roasted almond.

Overall, I have received positive feedback.(yippee!)
 But my mum felt that fresh chilli padi could be added( which I totally forgotten about) to enhance the flavour of this dish! Personally, I think that more of the Chilli paste should be added as this dish is not sufficiently spicy for our liking!


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