Thursday, 8 September 2011


I had dinner at Marché at 313@somerset recently. It was during the weekday, yet the crowd in the mall was crazy. I was so relieved that Marché was not as crowded as it was their non-peak hour when we visited. Thankfully, I was able to enjoy my dinner at a quiet corner in the restaurant away from the bustling crowd at the mall. Whenever I patronise,I am always fascinated by the vintage interior design of this Swiss restaurant. This restaurant has segregated eating areas, with each sporting a different theme. That day, i settled for a seat that is within an area that resembles a cottage.

Marché utilises a cashless system.  Every diner is given a card which records the purchase for the items ordered. But becareful not to lose this or risk being slapped with $100 fine! :<

Swiss Rosti Mushroom Ragout $14.80
Marché’s signature dish. Rösti! This dish made from potatoes is one of my favourite from  this restaurant! I really enjoyed the soft and fluffy Rosti which tasted heavenly when combined with the sour cream and lemon.  But what made this dish perfect for me is when I had the Rosti with the Mushroom Ragout and cream. They paired so well together , I was literally scraping for more.

Veg pasta with tomato sauce $13.80
This dish is highly suitable for the health conscious. The spaghetti was cooked to al dente, and  comprise of a good variety of vegetables-mainly brinjals, long bean,peas, and mushrooms. It was also not overly oily as well.  However,the tomato sauce was bland and I wish there were more sweetness and taste to it. Hence, I might have second thoughts about ordering this dish again on my next visit! 

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