Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mid Autumn Festival!

The Mid Autumn Festival has come and gone.
When I was a lot younger, I'd always look forward to this festival. It was not just for the moon cakes, but the candle lighting session, being able to carry beautiful paper lanterns around, then after getting bored and without the adults looking, we would gradually create a mini camp fire as we(cousins and sisters) start lighting up candle boxes, leaves, plastics and everything else we were able to find lying around. How I miss those cheeky yet delightful times!

In recent years, this festival has grown a lot quieter for me. Now,the moon cake has become my main focus to mark this festival(not that I really mind :D) My parents were out of town that day, and my sister bought boxes of moon cakes home. We celebrated the day by munching on the beautifully made moon cakes, chatting while sipping Chinese tea. ( like some typical old-fashioned Chinese old man).

Here's a review on the moon cakes I had eaten:

Goodwood park hotel -D24 mooncakes

The D-24 mooncake is one of the signature mooncakes from the hotel.  Normally, I would have preferred the skin of traditional mooncake as they usually tastes better. However, the snowskin of this mooncake proved otherwise, as it tasted refreshing yet delicious. Also, there is a burst of sweetness and distinctive taste of the durian in one bite. However, as a durian-lover, I feel that the durian flavour could have more richness to it. But overall, a delicious mooncake! I made a mental note to take a picture of the sliced moon cake, but it slipped my mind as I was too eager to get a taste of it!     

ChinaTown Tai Chong Kok Confectionary- Vegan Mooncake

Are  you able to spot the difference between this traditionally baked vegan mooncake and a non-vegan one? The skin of vegan mooncake is matt as it does not have the shiny egg glaze at the top. 

This traditionally baked lotus paste mooncake is one of the best mooncakes I have eaten. The lotus filling has just the right amount of sweetness to it with the lotus seeds adding a nice crunch to each bite. The golden brown skin of this traditionally baked mooncake was plain awesome, even without the egg glaze! I just couldn't get enough of this! Thumbs up!

Finally, Peach Garden mooncakes!
Please pardon the camera quality!  The shiny surface makes it impossible to capture a decent photo!
Traditional lotus paste mooncake with macadamia nuts and lotus seeds.
Notice the shiny egg glaze on the surface of this non-vegan mooncake :)
The lotus paste was delicious, but a tad too sweet. Also, I have to comment that there should be more macadamia nuts!! As you can see, only the lotus seeds are visible here, the macadamia nuts were sparsely scattered and hidden deep inside. But I have to admit, the roasted macadamia nuts tasted heavenly!

I hope you had a great Mid Autumn/ Mooncake festival!


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