Thursday, 22 December 2011

Whole Earth vegetarian restaurant

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the HUGE delay in blogging.(if there is anyone out there reading that is)I cannot believe how long I've dragged to blog about this fabulous Whole Earth vegetarian restaurant.  I need to get rid of my die-hard procrastination habits.

Turn right from exit A of Tanjong Pagar MRT station.  
I love how convenient and accessible this place is.

Signature olive brown rice $7
This may look like just any normal boring olive rice.
When this dish was served, I was utterly disappointed. My initial thought was that this is going to be just another plain boring dish that is way over priced. (If you haven't realised after reading this blog, i like my food packed with intense flavour, fried, sinfully sweet, etc etc) My sisters and I were exclaiming how we should have ordered the Tom Yam fried rice instead, which looks way more exciting and delicious on the menu.
But we were so wrong. You cannot judge anything by its cover, and that goes the same with food.
We were all taken aback by how superbly delicious this olive brown rice is. I could hardly stop myself from scooping more!
Home-made Assam pedas $18
The thick and flavourful sauce contains fresh ingredients like tamarind, galangal, chilli, and ginger flower.
It tastes deliciously rich and intense, exactly the way I like it to be.
This is a signature Peranakan dish with crispy slices of bean-curd wrapped in seaweed, and assorted vegetables like lady's finger, tomato, pineapple.

Penang Rendang $18
This dish is made up of pan-fried mushroom with incredibly flavourful and thick Peranakan curry and herbs dressing.
I am not exaggerating, but every bite brings a burst of delectable flavour. The taste and texture of the mock-meat is so genuine, I'd bet a meat-lover wouldn't realise this is just mock-meat. 

In the past few weeks, I have sampled plenty of vegetarian food. I will post more blog worthy vegetarian places soon! so stay tuned! :)

Merry Christmas & happy new year to everyone in advance.

Lots of  love

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