Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fuss-free omelette-potato-veg lunch

Now, let me introduce my unique fuss-free omelette-potato-veg meal! 

1)beat the eggs thoroughly
2)**this step is important to yummitize the omelette instantly
season the fresh mushroom with sesame oil, soy sauce, and brown sugar.
trust me, the end result is incredible.

3) in the mean time, steam sliced potato and local cai xin( you can choose to stir fry Cai xin with sliced ginger, but I love steamed cai xin with soy sauce-convenient and yummy)

pan-fry your omelette
add a tad of salt and pepper to taste

superbly yummy.
I have no idea why my omelette always ends up in chunky bits.
According to my mum, I have to add much more oil to achieve a perfect  piece of smooth omelette.
But I think what I really need is a new non-stick pan.

A perfect lunch that comprise of  steamed baby granula potato topped with cheddar cheese, fresh mushroom omelette, and local Cai Xin(one of my favourite veg)
So easy to prepare, yet delicious and healthy!
Sorry for the blur picture, I am using my old camera as my current camera has been acting way too funny.

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