Wednesday, 28 December 2011


photo:credits to elder sister
We couldn't wait to tuck in!

This is my second post on this Swiss restaurant.
In my recent visit to Marché with my sisters, i discovered some hidden gems in the restaurant!

Photo and caption:credits to my younger sis ;)
Roasted pumpkin, alfafa sprouts, feta cheese, olives, red cabbage, lettuce, kidney beans, new potatoes, cheesy cauliflowers, pickled zucchini, mashed potatoes, a variety of bell peppers = a smashin' plate of delish salad(large size)

At the salad station, you can select the salad plate size(small,medium and large). After getting the salad plate of the size you desire, you get the freedom to choose from a wide variety of fresh ingredients lined up at the station.
The buffet style enable customers to choose as large portion as they prefer, as long as it fits the plate( hurray!  hehehe) My sisters and I literally strategised on how we can fill the plate, ensuring all empty spaces are filled. No, we are not greedy people, just very hungry.  

Savoury crepes with mushroom and vegetable fillings(photo: credits to elder sister)
This dish comes with a cream sauce which is to die for!
The skin of the crepe is soft and tender, and tastes amazingly delicious. One downside of this dish is that the fillings may be a tad too salty for some. Nonetheless, overall a tasty dish!
I will definitely order this again on my next visit.

Harbourfront Walk
#03-14 Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6376 8226

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