Sunday, 1 June 2014

The switch

Hi readers,
It has been forever since I last blogged.
So much has changed since my last post. - 1) My diet 2) My job
One of the major changes is my diet. I have switched my 8 years vegetarian diet since February this year. Shocking? Not quite. I have been toying with this idea for quite a while. My diet consists of mainly seafood and vegetables for now.

I received mixed reactions from my close buddies -  when I first broke the news to them, some were overjoyed and wanted an immediate celebratory meal (Full of meat), while others were concerned and felt I should persist with my vegetarian diet.

Like what I have mentioned in my previous post,
you do not have to be a vegetarian to be kind & compassionate.
( I know this because I was an evil vegetarian hehe )

Buddha said:
"Monks, I allow you fish and meat that are quite pure in three respects: if they are not seen, heard or suspected to have been killed on purpose for a monk. But, you should not knowingly make use of meat killed on purpose for you."
My decision to make this diet change is mainly for social convenience. However, I hope to eat meat with as much compassion as I can. I may make another diet transformation when I grow old and retire.

Take a look at this article:

Another major change in my life this year is my career switch.
I am now working in a new company which requires frequent meetings over meals.
This diet transformation would indeed bring greater convenience for me.

And to be perfectly honest, seafood taste quite heavenly.
At this moment, I still cant take the taste of pork, mutton or chicken. Unless they are deep fried and heavily seasoned, I feel nauseous when I eat them. But I love the taste of all kinds of seafood, especially fish. *greedy grin*
Yes, this is a form of indulgence and I am highly guilty of it.

My future posts would be entirely different.
However, the subject would remain my favourite, ie. FOOD.

Stay tuned.



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